e-Medine NPO promotes active citizenship


e-Medine is a non-profit private association dedicated to the promotion of active citizenship. The Italian NPO aims to facilitate democratic engagement and civic participation of social actors, such as young citizens and public administrations within Mediterranean region, through the implementation of awareness raising campaigns, round tables and the dissemination of best practices.




e-Medine aims to improve the general participation to the social life of the community and raise awareness about the importance of being «active citizens». In order to achieve its objectives, the organization promotes the adoption of EduGames, ICT and other digital tools and methodologies that have already shown their effectivness in the field of active citizenship.

  • Specific objectives include, but are not limited, to
  • Support citizens and involve policy makers in the formulation of concrete solutions to problems of public interest
  • Promotion of a culture focused on active citizenship
  • Diffusion of good practices to fight corruption and unemployment
  • Transfer of innovative ideas aiming at sustainable development of territory and empowerment of citizens
  • Enhancement of digital integration

Among the general objectives pursued by e-Medine, it is worth emphasising as well the development and implementation of innovative formal and non-formal online training programmes and the organization of round tables, meetings and events to encourage public discussion and strengthen social participation.

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Babylon &ON...


Babylon &ONtology: Multilingual and cognitive e-Learning Management System via PDA phone

BONy was a cognitive e-Learning Management System (eLMS) allowing users to find and to learn the units strictly requested and necessary to achieve their training experience. BONy supplied a multilingual access to information. This involved an ontological approach to knowledge and an interconnection among formative contents and interactive multimedia thanks to the semantic web methodology. BONy e-learners’ community interacted using a PDA phone, in order to produce the first in-site content management system which changed the user’s perspective on learning.
BONy was a social network where users could play a double role of students and/or teachers according to their skills and requirements, therefore being able both to satisfy their formative needs and to share their professional and linguistic expertise. At the same time, BONy intended to provide a social network experts fully dedicated to the European cooperation in the domains of research and project management.

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Public Policies ...


Public Policies made by citizens

E-Medine participated as partner in the “Public Policies made by citizens” Project (Youth in Action Programme – Action 1.3 – Youth Democracy Projects):
The aim of the project was to engage young people (under 30 years old) in providing concrete and viable solutions to problems of public interest. At the same time the project promoted young people’s active citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular. Young people participated online, implementing a e-method to create public policies. This improved their participation in the civic life of their community, enhancing representative democracy and providing support for new kinds of online engagement.

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Senior Sport (S...


Senior Sport (S²-PORT)

e-Medine took part as a partner in the project “S²-PORT (Senior Sport)” that was launched in January 2010 and its duration is 15 months. The project was submitted under the programme “Preparatory Actions in the field of Sport – Health and physical activity” by Spanish coordinator, Regional Ministry of Youth and Sport-Regional Government of Extremadura.

Brief Decription

S²-PORT developed a holistic methodology that could easily be adapted and implemented by different public authorities, and increase the level of awareness. It supported networking and exchange of relevant practices between the relevant actors in the field of healthy and active ageing, i.e., the sport sector and other civil society organizations, public authorities (regional and local) in order to strengthen the contribution of the sport sector to healthier lifestyles.

Focus of the Project

Physical activity confers immediate and long-term physiological and social benefits for certain conditions associated with old age. There is increasing evidence of its potential contribution towards maintaining mobility and independence in later life, enhancing positive images of successful ageing. It is a key importance to promote measures that increase the number of healthy and functional life years as well as the quality of life for senior citizens.


  1. Joint reflection to design a holistic methodology to introduce physical activity as a new lifestyle to prevent disease
  2. Identification of relevant practices in the use of sport for prevention and healthy aging
  3. Development of a Holistic Methodology based on Sportive practices as a substitute palliative care
  4. The holistic methodology should a useful tool for all kind of organizations.
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FFEMALE – Fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring and learning in Europe is previous FE:MALE continuation involving new countries Lithuania, Spain and Island, and this last is also coordinating country. The project is led by Directorate of Labour at national level and including other 5 partners. The project will contribute to bridging the skills gap and strengthen the competencies of women entrepreneurs to make them successful in business, contributing to growth and job creation in the EU and reducing the unemployment. FFEMALE will implement a methodology, Business Accelerator Growth Program, which combines hard and soft skills. Hard skills such as business strategy, finance, tax and accountancy, product development, marketing, exporting, social media. The soft skills module includes self-efficacy training and goal setting, using action-learning methods. We are engaged as ICT experts for distance education and build up skills through interactive exercises and platform of e-Hub.

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“Development of a training path for European Furniture Experts in Designing and Manufacturing of AAL Integrated Furniture for the Care and Support of Elderly and Disabled People (VETAAL)” will develop a novel curriculum and innovative VET materials to train furniture sector professionals and students in design and manufacturing of AAL furniture for the elderly and disabled. The main outputs will be: definition of training path, common curriculum and learning contents; development of training materials and e-learning platform. A Pilot Test and Quality Assurance Plan will be implemented to ensure a high quality.
The consortium is composed by 10 partners from 6 different countries (Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Austria and United Kingdom) and is lead by non-profit research centre Technical Research Centre of Furniture and Wood of The Region of Murcia – CETEM (Spain).

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GROWING-UP II. -Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries. The exchange of experience takes place during a stay with the experienced entrepreneur, which helps the new entrepreneur acquire the skills needed to run a small firm.
Since February 2014 JO Consulting became one of the new Local Contact Points through the project GROWING-UP II, which will support new entrepreneurs allowing them to successfully start and develop their new business ideas through exchange placement at experienced entrepreneur who would like to expand to other EU country.

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School on the Cl...


School on the Cloud

School on the Cloud – Connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship (SoC) is an ICT network. SoC explores new dynamic ways in education that align with the way we think, share, learn and collaborate, across various sectors, by exploiting the opportunities arising from the Cloud. The Network is funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme, Key Activity 3 – ICT Networks, with a duration of 3 years and includes more than 55 partners across Europe.

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Step 2 Sport


Step 2 Sport

The STEP-2-SPORT (STEP-by-STEP renovation towards nearly zero energy SPORT buildings) project covers the field Integrated Initiatives, focused on energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) use in buildings. The project aims to support the refurbishment of the existing sport buildings through step by step renovation towards NZEB, contributing to the EU energy objectives. In Europe, there are around one million and half sports facilities, which represents 8% of the overall building stock. Most of them were built before 1980 and need refurbishment because no considerable changes have been made to the initial conditions. Energy audits and energy performance certification (EPC) will be performed in 22 pilot sport facilities from 7 different countries (Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria) in order to identify energy improvement opportunities as well as to determine their energy rating. Action Plans for renovation of pilots will be developed, identifying what EE and RE measures should implement each pilot sport building over the next 10 years in order to be a NZEB. Following the recommendations defined in the action plans, energy improvement measures will be set up during the project duration, and their implementation will be monitored. From the experience obtained and the information compiled, a roadmap will be defined with the aim of achieving NZEB in EU sport buildings in the medium-long term. ESCOs and EPC market will be promoted to overcome financial barriers. The goal is to increase the demand on the market for step-by-step renovation of the sport buildings. A great burden of the project will be spreading the gathered information on a large scale, to raise the awareness of the highest number of stakeholders, in order to encourage replication of the project in other EU sport buildings. With the support from large multipliers, a Replication Plan will be designed which will involve several tools for supporting sport building managers/owners when they are dealing with renovations towards NZEB

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