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Babylon &ONtology: Multilingual and cognitive e-Learning Management System via PDA phone

BONy was a cognitive e-Learning Management System (eLMS) allowing users to find and to learn the units strictly requested and necessary to achieve their training experience. BONy supplied a multilingual access to information. This involved an ontological approach to knowledge and an interconnection among formative contents and interactive multimedia thanks to the semantic web methodology. BONy e-learners’ community interacted using a PDA phone, in order to produce the first in-site content management system which changed the user’s perspective on learning.
BONy was a social network where users could play a double role of students and/or teachers according to their skills and requirements, therefore being able both to satisfy their formative needs and to share their professional and linguistic expertise. At the same time, BONy intended to provide a social network experts fully dedicated to the European cooperation in the domains of research and project management.