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Senior Sport (S²-PORT)

e-Medine took part as a partner in the project “S²-PORT (Senior Sport)” that was launched in January 2010 and its duration is 15 months. The project was submitted under the programme “Preparatory Actions in the field of Sport – Health and physical activity” by Spanish coordinator, Regional Ministry of Youth and Sport-Regional Government of Extremadura.

Brief Decription

S²-PORT developed a holistic methodology that could easily be adapted and implemented by different public authorities, and increase the level of awareness. It supported networking and exchange of relevant practices between the relevant actors in the field of healthy and active ageing, i.e., the sport sector and other civil society organizations, public authorities (regional and local) in order to strengthen the contribution of the sport sector to healthier lifestyles.

Focus of the Project

Physical activity confers immediate and long-term physiological and social benefits for certain conditions associated with old age. There is increasing evidence of its potential contribution towards maintaining mobility and independence in later life, enhancing positive images of successful ageing. It is a key importance to promote measures that increase the number of healthy and functional life years as well as the quality of life for senior citizens.


  1. Joint reflection to design a holistic methodology to introduce physical activity as a new lifestyle to prevent disease
  2. Identification of relevant practices in the use of sport for prevention and healthy aging
  3. Development of a Holistic Methodology based on Sportive practices as a substitute palliative care
  4. The holistic methodology should a useful tool for all kind of organizations.